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Brain Structure


Brain Structure


The brain is divided into four lobes, each of which has specialized functions. See brain structure diagram.


1 The Frontal Lobes
These make up the brain command center. This area is concerned with decision making and other executive tasks

such as planning, organization and the ability to mentally juggle several intellectual tasks at the same time.


2 The Occipital Lobes
The occipital lobes process vision


3 The Parietal Lobes
The parietal lobes analyze sensation


4 The Temporal Lobes
The temporal lobes are responsible for hearing, understanding speech and forming an integrated sense of



Brain Sensory and Motor Functions


1 Sensory Functions
The sensory functions controlled by the brain include:



Posture, balance and coordination




2 Motor Functions
All movements of the body are controlled by this part of the brain including speech. It is interesting that both the sensory and motor areas are organized so that the largest percentages of neurons are given over to those parts of the body used most frequently. Thus the hand and finger areas command large amounts of space compared to leg or trunk.
















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